I proposed and she said yes! Also a poem :)

You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me,
My heart melts every time you look at me,
My muscles once atrophied, move to our love’s perfect melody,
The tune plays within our minds,
Together, moving in time,
Swaying about on a gentle song,
It won’t be long darling,
It won’t be long,
We’ll have it all,
Just you and me,
Together we dance,
Smiling so sweet,
Closing our eyes,
Listen to the beat,
Holding eachother,
In our arms,
Enveloping love,
And endless charms~



Within the hollows of my soul grew slabs of weathered coal,
Became a stone from bottom up,
My heart grew cold, no light, stuck,
Until a young maiden of eyes so bright, blue as the sky and full of light,
Called to me, through the fog
With her voice as soft as silver clouds,
The fog then lifted, no longer a shroud,
She swayed over to me, delicate foot fall,
I could finally see, but to believe was a crawl,
She spoke of art, and music she liked,
Inspiring tales she told that night,
I listened and sat very still, no longer cold, no chill at all,
I heard a faint crackling, when she asked me to arise, off of the ground, and her gaze met my eyes,
The crackling grew louder, till I could no longer hear,
She kept telling on, unaware of her doing,
The crackling of that coal, and a fire brewing,
She touched me gently and whispered so sweetly,
The coal spread embers and burned out completely,
Still lingered a warmth in the deepest layers of my soul,
No longer cold and full of coal,
I sighed in deep adoration,
She noticed then and replied in flirtation,
I blushed brightly, my cheeks flushed with mirth,
An everlasting love had been birthed.

She is my love

I’m writing this for a girl I know.

Whenever she smiles my fondness grows.

It meets her eyes and her cheeks, a rosy glow.

She walks with confidence and strides in grace.

And every night I can’t help to dream of her face.


Each minute of the day passes by.

I hold her in my mind’s eye.

Keeping her there to stay.

She replaced my gray with the blue sky of day.

Wrapped in my arms she moves, a slight sway.


Dancing in the candlelight.

The flicker of it, an alluring sight.

Sparks rise up above us and ignite the air.

Her hand on my head at the roots of my hair.

A passionate kiss, enveloped, we share.


Not a care in the cosmos, just us.

How she loves me has me nonplussed.

For I know it’s entirely out of my touch.

Past the passage of time and place.

Out beyond the reaches of interplanetary space.

A song I wrote for my girlfriend :)

You are my sunshine in the rain.
The bandage to my pain.
Shining brighter than the stars, you are my only light.
Leading me through the darkest of nights.
I follow you to the rest of our days, laying together, touching your face.
I love you my dear, and I needn’t fear. The future, my love, may be unclear.
But I’m not scared when you’re near.
I know only this, it started with a kiss.
You hold all of my heart.
I daydream of you always, on my mind from the start.
I can’t wait to find out more about you. Can’t wait to see all the things that you’ll do.
Even though we’re apart there’s one thing that I know.
That my love for you will forever grow.

I Adore You

Closed my eyes and you handed me your heart

Crystallized and cold at the start

But in my hand it grew warm

Just like your expression when I hold you in my arms


I held the crystal up to the light

Fractals bounced off and shone through the night

A spectrum of colors like your personality

From the beginning I knew we were meant to be

I wanted to cry when I held it up high

To think, you chose me, I still ask myself why


I smiled and hugged you

Kissed the top of your head

For once in my life I could feel the love spread

Between us, not an inch to spare

I breathed in the scent of your hair

I sighed and never wanted to let go


With each day my fondness grows

Each text, each message, each phone call shows

That you care for me

Always letting me know


The best nights of my life spent feeling free

Dancing and laughing and just being me

Holding your hand and going for walks

Staying up for hours just to talk


You drive me crazy in the best possible ways

You’re in my mind every minute of the day

I can’t help but to make everything about you

Music plays and it’s somehow connected

Leaving hints and small clues

I smile all the time, it’s what you do

I can’t help to adore you.


Markers, and colors, and paints, oh my!

The marker series. I’ve recently been getting back into drawing and painting. I am planning on challenging myself to make at least one drawing/painting a day. It’s very fun! This is just a little installment of mine. Trying out a new style and some techniques that I have never really done before.  Here are some pieces that I have done in the past week.









This is a drawing/painting that I made yesterday. It respresents how I’m feeling in general about my life, my future. Everything seems so cloudy right now to me. I don’t know where I will be living in 5 months. I don’t know if I will stay at my job. I don’t know if I’ll find love. I don’t know if I will be able to save money. I don’t know if I can sell my art. The only thing that I do know is that I can’t possibly stay here to have a future. I’m in this neverending lull. I yearn to get out and explore the world. Or at least a couple town’s over. I need more interaction, I need new things to see. I need more inspiration. Soon.


The air cold and bitter caught in my throat producing a sharp pain

all around me the smell of ashes linger

my eyes caress tears as distantly I stare

thoughts of yesterday cloud my mind.

The fire lashed out and licked at the neurons of my existence

smoke flushed and flourished around me

left me gasping

swelled in my chest

I craved the cold bitter air.

a quote

We are still empathetic creatures, we bond over tradgedies, and love over expectations.
-Dakota Cunningham

Reading the News

I find myself checking the news over and over again for the next travesty

to cure the boredom of my life by using another’s end as entertainment

every hour I glance at the clock waiting for the night to be over with

wanting to go home to my family

an article appeared about a little girl missing from hers

poor thing, I think

but my eyes are glazed over as I read through the lines

I lose interest

skip to the next story

a school was shot up by a middle school student

how horrific, I think

my eyes tear as I see the parents crying

next story

my thoughts with them are gone

one mere second

moving on to weight loss

the next new miracle drug

Overweight youth

I’m fat, I think

I sulk as I hold up the hand held mirror

hurry to the next story to damper my self loathing

Read an article about a drug that’s new to the states

see disgusting pictures of junkies mutilating themselves for a quick fix

I gag

I stop reading

I’m not that much different, I think

mutilating myself with articles about terrible things happening to people all around the world

getting my quick fix just to make the hours pass

using it as entertainment

It’s sickening